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Date:2017-09-11 10:17:27

Air conditioners are the products which requires functions as well as good appearance. For all other home applianceplastics type selections,steel selection, molds manufacturing technology andassembly aremost important . Normally, the outer cover is made by ABS/ABS+PC/HIPS for good appearance and strength, Inner electrical parts is made by PA or PPMD, some shaft or bears are made by POM and some moving parts are also made by pp.

Steel plays most important role in mold manufacturing and requires many different qualities and properties depending on the purpose and conditions of usage, such as resistance against abrasion, pressure, heat, service life, ambient temperature, thickness, and more.

Here are list of steel with it advantages in AC mold manufacturing .

Cavity and Core Steel

For AC mold we are using DIN 1.2738 and NAK 80 in cavity and 718 in core part as cavity part

needs high polishing for glossy appearance of the outer parts of AC like Air wings,Grill,Top

cover. P20 also can be used in core parts but we recommended to use 718H for better strength of these molds because these are most important and large part of the AC.

For Blower segment we are using tempered H13 because plastic used for blower is abrasive in nature so we need hardened stainless steel to prevent from wear of the core and cavity.

For other all the parts we are using 718H in cavity part and p20 in the core parts as those parts are small and don’t need high polishing. We even can use p20 in both core and cavity but we recommend to use 718H in cavity and p20 in core for better mold quality .

Steel QC Documents:

Mold Base Inspection Report, Steel Inspection Report, Electrode Inspection Report, Heat Treatment Report,Corrective Action Report, Sample Inspection Report, Pre-Shipment QC Report and hot runner

QC report will be provided.

Project Management

Our Project Engineer harmonizes the jobs of project as to R.P.(Rapid Prototyping), mold tooling

Design, mold tooling Constructing, Injection plastic Molding, AdditionalValue Added Procedures,

and QA/QC operates in performing the jobs effectively.

At the same time the Project Engineers synchronize the sources for the order of customized parts and

the tasks of sub-contractors necessary to aid ensure quality,design and shipment process,those

handle each facets of the project turnkey.

600x600 air conditioner mold.jpg

Quality control:

We are maintaining ISO 9001:2008 quality standard management. So quality is our main concern.

We have high precision standard inspection equipments like Bridge Coordinate Measuring Machine, Portable Arm Coordinate Measuring Machine for dimension inspection.

1. Incoming Quality Control includes steel hardness and full inspections on steels, mold base, brass and components.

2. In Process Quality Control includes document and data check,design optimization, electrode

inspection,cavity and core & insert inspection, pre-assembly inspection,trial report and samples


3.Final Quality Control include spre shipment inspections on mold and packing; the steel

certificates, 2D and 3D mold design, mold trial video are attached to the shipment as well.

If you have any project regarding AC production then we can offer you quality molds and best service to you.

Rahul Shah

Date:2017-09-10 11:28:46

How many PET preform do you want to produce per hour?

How to benefit the preform mold design?

What’s the weight of the preform?

How much of your injection machine clamping force?

No matter what requirement you have, SINO PET preform experts will offer you customized PET preform mold and perfect service.

Customized PET Preform Mold

SINO PET mold is suitable to all of the main market popular PET injection molding machine. We have experience in 48, 72, 96 multi cavity mold production line. Different customer has different requirement to products, we must fully consider from technical demand to product optimize, from productivity effect to mold cost and other factors when offer clients customized service.

All of SINO PET preform series mold can satisfy the most strict speed need, and all of the mold will test for more than 2 hours production before delivery. No matter you are new or familiar in PET preform mold production or not, you need more professional team to help you. SINO team with more than 25 years experience and will be listed within 3 years, our develop is not a little, but huge. So if you are looking for stable and professional customized PET preform mold supplier, SINO will be your best choice.

Sales engineer: Candy


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Date:2017-09-09 14:38:37

We are China professional plastic cap mold manufacturer,plastic cap mold supplier,plastic cap mold provider,plastic cap mold maker,plastic cap mold designer.The plastic cap mold is designed with 3D computer drawing and therefore the product yield rate is enhanced.
The plastic cap mold is made of high grade steels from Japan and imported S136 and 2316 steel,etc.
Cap mold is designed with advanced second-level taper positioning technology and slide-type independent self-locking,hence the concentricity of the product is guaranteed.

Cap mold adopts advanced and reasonable design,each cavity having independent temperature control & heating systerm,which boasts an even heating temperature and keeps product with reliable and stable quality.Cap mold has independent condensation system in each mold cavity and mold core .Mold cavity is replaceable .so that the label top can be changed.We can manufacture from one cavity to 48 cavity.Welcome to SINO,we will give you the reasonable price and best service

We are dedicated to make the quality cap mould with mould steel ,P20,H13 and S136 .and our cap mould includes

preform and cap mould_副本n.jpg

· Hinged closures mould

· Yorker spout mould

· Disc-top cap mould

· Flip-top cap mould

· Push-pull cap mould

· Twist open/close cap mould

· Flapperclosures mould

At the beginning of our company,we strived for the high quality products.And now we win the trust from customers and broad market.Looking to the future. we will endeavour to provide you highquality molds and good service .We will get a bright future together. We are cap mold manufacturers, cap mold supplier, cap mold maker, cap mold provider, exporter.

Rahul Shah

Date:2017-09-07 09:21:56

As is known to all, folding type crate consist of dfferent plastic parts and assemble together to form a folding crate. To a plastic folding type crate production company, always develop crate design and increase folding crate advantage can bring best sell points.Sino mould offering the foldable crate injection mould manufacture.

SINO Mould company to meet customer and market requirement,already research more than five designs for each production model and each model we invest more than hundreds sets mould and put into production. Sino mould is not only mould maker, but also a good supplier for the plastic folding type crates. We can sell moulds or foldings crate directly to customer side. And also we have sister company provide injection molding machine, provide one stop folding type crate production line to the oversea market.

Now we have a folding type crate mould which sizeis 506*408*123mm with 401g. One shot injection can forming a folding crate, andthis crate is using for put different kinds fruit and vegetables. Below is the folding type crate photo with the detail information.

Mold size1200 X920 X 651mm
Hot runner info
Anole20tips point gate
Injection machine
Cycle time
thinwall foldable crate, high speed running for mass production cost saving.

Welcome to make detail consultation.
Written by Tina
Whatsapp: 008615067608197

Folding Type Crates Injection Mould

Date:2017-09-04 14:58:52

Today, with the rapid development of logistics, the demand of foldable crate is large, foldable crates are more and more widely used all over the world with Light weight, small foot print, convenient  combination which  are widely used in industry of electronic machinery, medicine, automobiles, home  appliances, light industry, food,etc..

SHG is the world famous foldable manufacturer and exporter with the strong ability of R&D department. It has more than 120 different sizes and designs with the complete carious and foldable crates. We are developing in current market with 4 series:foldable crate-A, foldable crate-B, foldable crate-C and Maxpack-D models.

SHG foldable crates, Maxpack D is made on the basis of pallet for the large foldable crate, which is suitable for the factory turn over, product storage. It's a widely used in all kinds of part and  the package of the raw material, arrangement and stacking etc.

Folded circulating box-Maxpack D is to empty the box to reduce the storage room and logistics and transportation costs of the design of logistics products, furthermore it inherits the consistent design of load bearing(dynamic load 1T; static load 4T) of closed cardboard products, and the material HDPE is treated impact strong by foaming. The size and color can be customized.

If you are interested in our products, pls feel free to call me in your free time.

Post by Miss Amanda



Date:2017-08-31 23:14:05

Sino offers high quality plastic packaging molds through out ofthe world. With plastic packaging molds, we have special design and mold making team for plastic cap molds and PET perform molds. Together with new researches on packaging molds developing, we are big ability to offer all kinds caps and performs.

For example, water cap molds we done with 72 cavities, point gate hot runner system, we run at 15seconds on our DKM550SV servo motor injection machines, with large production quantity 17300pcs perhours. And with 500ml bottle perform molds, in case we made 72 cavities, we runat 22 seconds each shot, the molds we made is stainless steel, valve gate systems. For this perform molds, it is suitable for our DKM650 ton servo motormachines with PET screw selection.

Both for cap molds or perform molds wesuggest with hardness steel to keep long time production time with multi cavityup to 128cav. Stainless s136 steel for mold core and cavity with full hotrunner molding system without any material waste. We can reach interchangeable core and cavity for easy maintenance, fully automatic production with conveyor.Welcome contact with us for packing injection molds.

Ms Diana

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packing molds maker

Date:2017-08-31 19:02:46

With continuous supply of fast food, thin wall container become more and more popularbusiness.We SINO can offer you the whole plastic IML production linewith rich experience.We are confident of offering you a comprehensiveand feasible injection molding solution and is your best choices on plastic turnkey IML moldings.

For plastic IML mold, we usually do following key points for inspections.

1. Mold design. As we all know, g good IML mold need a good mold design. In order to reach high quality and high speed production, we apply professional designer to offer the customer with the suitable cooling system and mold strength.based on the requirements.

2.Steel hardness. Steel hardness are related to mold lifetime, mold precision and mold polish performance.Mostly we will use the S136 mould steel with the hardness 44-48 and good polish affection.

3.Mold operating. A good IML mold should be run automatically and smoothly. We can offer you the high speed injection machine.

IML container mould200HH injection machine

For plastic IML injection machine, we advise powerfully to use high speed injectionmolding machine. High speed injection machine can improve output capacity and high quality products. Our dakumar high speed injection machine is with high speed, high energy saving, high efficiency, high precision, high safety, high stability and high recyclability etc. For the high speed injection machine, it can save about 3s for mold opening, mold ejection and material charging.

For IML robot, we advise use Italy robot with 6axis, it can finish all work within 3.5S, with high precision running and easily operating.

Sino can supply high quality IML production line, including IML molds, IML high speed injection machine, IML robot and necessary auxiliary.  We arrange our engineer to visit your factory, to install mold & machine and train your staffs. If you are interested, welcome to contact us.



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Date:2017-08-31 18:36:27

SINO has rich experience in offering complete PET preform production line, such as 72 cavities 28mm PET preform production line, 5 gallon preform production line, 32 cavities 38mm preform production line, Jar production line...

Regarding 5 gallon preform production line, preform mould, PET injection molding machine, dryer, auto-loader, chiller etc are all needed.

 5 gallon preform mould

 5 gallon preform weight: 750 grams

 Cavity: 1 cavity

 Core and cavity steel: S136 stainless steel

 Runner: Cold runner

 Cycle time: 92 seconds per shot

 Suitable machine: DAKUMAR 450Ton PET injection

 molding machine

5 gallon PET preform mould also can be made into 2 cavities, the runner will

be designed into hot runner valve gate, it can be produced on Dakumar 650Ton PET injection molding machine. We will offer the best solution as per your requirement.

450Ton PET injection molding machine

Tie bar distance: 760x760mm

Max. Mold Height: 760mm

Min. Mold Height: 250mm

PLC is KEBA from Austria

Pump is ECKERLE from Germany

Electronic rule is from Germany NOVO or from Italy GEFRAN

Our injection molding machine use high quality world famous brand components, achieve the longer machine life.

If you are interested in 5 gallon preform production line or other preform production line, please kindly contact me.

Posted by Erin

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Date:2017-08-31 17:54:36

Plastic injection table mold manufacturer and exporter, Sino Mould is a world famousplastic table Chinsese mold company with more than 25 year experience. We have made various plastic table molds, including the kindergarten plastic table mold, office plastic table mold, dining room table mold and outdoorplastic table molds.

Before projectstart, SINO will offer technical support for injection gate types, mold steelselection, parting line, mold main structure, cycle time and suitable machinesize. You can get almost complete understanding of the table mold production before you cooperate with us.  

When receive theorder, we will start analyzing customers’ table sample or drawing, and send DMF report to customer. Mold flow analysis is very important for table mold, sinceit can help to identify the best location of the cooling system before mold design.And also can help find out air vent points, shrinkage area and so on. After customer confirm product and mold design, mold tooling process will start immediately. Our sales engineer will send tooling process report every week tolet customer clear about each process.

If you have project in hand or for want to more information about plastic table mold, pls feel free to contact with me, Iam glad to reply you.

Plastic Table Mold Turkey Service

Post by Miss Mandy


Skype: sino.mould

Date:2017-08-31 17:25:42

Sino Mould Co., Ltd is a top quality chair mould manufacturer located in Southeast of China. As a professional commodity mould manufacturer and exporter, we are good at making all kinds of table mould, no matter round table mould, square table mould, foldable table mould or anyothers.

Sino produce more than 200 sets of chairs mould every year. The most popular table mould is the one which the table leg can move. It is more convenient to transport and to carry. What’s more, it occupies less area. Usually, we choose P20 for the steel, and the material can be use PP. The cycle time is 90s in DKM1300 with robot. Our delivery time for folable table mould is around 70 days from design confirmed to the mold first test samples delivery. The mould life will be guaranteed 500,000 shots by SINO MOULD. We have a professional project manager follow your project after you order. Moreover,we also have own quality control department to make sure that your mould is qualified before delivery.

If you have foldable table mould or any other related commodity project, please do not hesitate to contact with us. We provide you the professional technical support and good solution.

foldable table mould.jpg

Contact person: Shelly

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Date:2017-08-31 14:41:44

SINOMOULD is professional in making 5 gallon bottle cap, we use steel stavax S136, tempered with hardness HRC55+/-2 toensure long mould life. We use Anole hot runner system with German heating elements; optimal cooling design for fast production cycle.

5 gallon bottle capdetail spec.


Necksize: 55mm (5 gallon)

Color: different colors

Volume: 3L-20L

Runner: hot runner

Steel: S136

We use top quality steel for moulds,design with optimal molding and cooling system.

During the past 10 years, sino mould hasp rovide our customers with more 400 sets package mould in the world market annually.SINO MOULD has strong design and manufacturing capacity, based on out know-how and year of experiences, we have fully ability to offer customers

with tailor-made solution for all your packing projects.

With SINO professional support, we can help you become competitive in the world market.With high quality mould and prompt aftersales service, SINO is eager to grow with you.

If you have demand for 5 gallon bottle cap, pls feel free to contact Miss Nancy. SINO MOULD will offer you high mentality, high quality and fine solution for your packaging project. We are waiting for you!


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5 Gallon Bottle Cap Solution.jpg

Date:2017-08-30 20:04:36

With the development of the economy, foldable crate is becoming more and more popular. Compared with the wooden crate, plastic foldable crate has many advantages, such assaving transportation space and cost, easy installation easy to handle and cleaning, more strong and firm.

Sino Holdings Group is one of the largest folding container and foldable crate supplier and exporter, located in South East of China. With the strong ability of R&D department, Sino Holdings Group has developed a very complete series of foldable crate and large folding bulk containers.

In orderto meet our worldwide customer various requirements of foldable containers, our company has more than 120 different sizes and designs. The latest models we are developing is foldable crate A, foldable crate B, foldable crate C, and MaxpackD models. Sino Holdings Group foldable crate A&B series includes with and without hole in the side wall. It can save a lot of materials. SHG foldable crate C series use inner folding way to save the space and cost. Also it is more convenient to fold. SHG foldable crate D series has the size at 1200*1000mm, available choosing on the height, 350mm high after folded. Thestatic load is 4 ton and the dynamic load is 1 ton. SHG has applied for the design patent.

As the world famous foldable crate innovator and professional foldable crate manufacturer, Sino Holdings Group is looking for worldwide countries agency cooperation. Welcome your further inquiries for various foldable crates.

foldable crate.jpg


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With advanced plastic Injection Moulding Process, Services & technology, Sinomould stands as a famous Plastic Injection Molding manufacturer and supplier in China.

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