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Date:2017-07-24 15:41:59

As China famous home appliance injection mold manufacturer, Sino could offer you various home appliance. For example, air conditioner mold, washing machine mold,hand dryer mold, fan mold and TV mold, etc.

home appliance mold maker

Sino has rich experience in home appliance molds making, our strong design ability could help you R&D new home appliance projects successfully. Before home appliance mold making, we will hold new product opening meeting, at this meeting, we will analysis new mold feasibility and discuss technical difficulties, then give you a tailor solution. After mold design, we will make moldflow analysis, by this technology, we can know product issue in advance, and effective avoid the issue in the future.

Sino has our own QC control department, after processing, we will make size inspection for each parts in each step. And under this serious QC control, our mold spare part is very precise, mold is high precise, usually, after T0 trial, moldcan be delivered.

We are professional in home appliance mold making, every year we export more than 200set home appliance molds to the different countries, such as Germany, Spain, Russia, Iran, Brazil, Egypt and so on.

If you are looking for home appliance mold maker, and want got high quality home appliance molds, welcome to contact me, Sino willbe happy to offer you best solution.

Whatsapp: 0086 138 5763 5311


Date:2017-07-22 14:33:56

SINOMOULD is one of plastic rattan chair molds manufacturer and supplier in china,customers can changed back insert. Our mold with high quality and competitiveprice.

Weare professional mold maker in all kinds of plastic chair mold. We have morethan 20 year experiences to making this type mold. Each year we offer customersmore than 1300 sets molds in the world market, 305 sets are belongs to chairmolds.

PlasticChair Mold

Moldcavity: 1

Runner:Cold runner/ Hot runner

Moldcavity steel: P20

Moldcore steel: P20

Moldslider insert DIN.1 2738

Plasticmaterial: HDPE

Wecan provide you service and technical support. We can provide you servicebefore order, service when the molds manufacturing, service after the moldsdelivered.

In order to make precisiondimension control of mold, we has invested over 20 million USD on various kindsof tooling equipment, such as CNC milling machine, high speed CNC millingmachine…

We have 2D and 3D drawing forthe machining parts with accurate tolerance requirement, tooling processrequirement, material hardness and treatment requirement, tooling process requirement…when tooling process finished, we have QC department will inspect the dimensionto ensure it meets the molds quality.If you have any demand for our Plastic Rattan Chair, pls feel freeto contact Miss Nancy.


Skype: sinomould-01

WhatsApp: 008613758679372

Plastic Rattan Chair Manufacturer and Supplier

Date:2017-07-17 20:44:00

Sino Mould is a professional manufacturer for plastic bread crate mould, we offer injection molding solution service for plastic crates. As a group company, Sino supply both crate mould and crate injection molding machines made by Sino Holdings company.

For the plastic bread crate mould, we have the customer from all over the world, such as Brazil, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain and so on. The crate size with 680*580*120mm or similar dimension. Usually the bread crates design with big distance holes and strone ribs, it is suitable for support the bread weight and the bread would not fall down from the holes.

Date:2017-07-14 16:03:46

From yearly experience of double color molds, Sino team concludes technical points from various plastic products. Like double color water cup,two color handles, double color glasses and safety helmet.

For example, before you produce two colors cup mold, you should consider about follow points to ensure final good sample with short production time.

First of all, you should pay attention to injection gate position. After Mold flow analysis, we give you better injection gate at handle bottom or cup bottom. It also depends on sealing position for inner cup and outside cup. This is second main point before mold making. Then , to reduce inner cup material flowing issue, you can choose different MFI resin, one is lower than outside cup. Last but not least, two injection points distance on mold should be mating to your double color machine’s center distance.

Expect double-color molds, Sino Holdings Group also supplier other tailor made injection molds with high quality and competitive price.Kindly contact us with your target products and details, you will get prompt reply with quotation and technical support and after service.

Posted by Ms. Helen

Whatsapp: 0086 15858625783


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Date:2017-07-12 16:54:48

Three legged shell chair designed by great master-Hans Wegner, comes from Denmark. Normally, it was called shell chair mold. Initially, it was designed a small part in 1963 year, then stopped. Until 1997 year, cause new factory new technology can control production cost well, the shell chair started production again.

Shell Chair Mold

With the polish by the time, shell chair becomes more and more popular, especially in European countries. After checked the price in some B2C website, plastic shell chair unit price can be sold up to USD100.

It’s our honor that we have an VIP customer comes from Denmark, who has rich experience in plastic shell chair mold and production line. We help him make difference design shell chair for more than 3 years. Up to now, we overcome many injection short points and design defect.

Because of the special design and structure, Shell chair thickness will be 2~5 thicker than normal chairs, so the weight is very heavy. It has serious shrinkage problem after injection. So it has high requirement to the mold cooling system and process precision.

If you want to make shell chair mold, or if shell chair is rare in your country, welcome contact me freely. We would like to offer you not only a set of mold, but also a very find injection solution.

Sales engineer: Candy


whatsapp: +86 15858685263

Date:2017-07-06 11:28:17

We provide our customers for Americanand South American countries to start new plastic molding factories. We cangive you more support than machine and mold.

SINO MOULD is a leading supplier inmaking plastic paint bucket molds, we are China PlasticPainting Bucket Production Line Supplier.We offer different dimensions paint pailmolds with customized mold structure, plastic painting bucket ranging from 1Lto 20L, with round, square and oval shapes. We also supply to make high qualityhigh speed paint pail with IML solutions.

Dakumar injection machine for 20L IMLpaint bucket is showing the latest technology with high speed production atfast cycle time for all size bucket with IML molding automation. We are expertfor various size of IML container and IML robot system production line. We areconfident that we can support you with a fine plastic painting bucket moldinglines. Welcome to contact us.

What is the advantage to work yourproject in turnkey solution?

1.Easilyhanding of your purchase;

2.Avoidarguing between different suppliers;

3.Fastresponse for your doubt;

4.Lesscost for paying and service;

5.EasyQC control & inspection

6.Highmatching of each equipment

7.Quickdelivery of all goods together

8.Clearresponsibility of whole project

9.Strongdesign ability and uniformity

10.Profitin very short time

11.Promptafter-sales service

12.Completedata base for future project

China Plastic Painting Bucket Production Line Supplier

SINO HOLDINGSGROUP is China Plastic Painting BucketProduction Line Supplier,if you are interested in our product, pls feelfree to contact us.Welcome your enqiuryand consulting to

Miss Nancy


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WhatsApp: 008613758679372

Date:2017-07-02 16:23:37

As one of the biggest mold maker in China, Sino has rich experience in flip top cap mold China. We offer customer not only a good quality mold, but also a very fine injection molding solution together with complete one-stop service.

Flip Top Cap Mold China

Sino flip top cap mould feature:

Mold name: flip top cap

Mold cavity: 24 cavities

Runner system: 24 points Anole hot runner

Ejection: automatic flip top close, fully automatic drop

Mold life: 2 Million

Core and cavity steel material: S136

Mold base: P20

Cylinder: hydraulic and air models

Automatic flip top cap mold structure is more difficult than normal caps, the mold ejection system is special and have double steps. the cap closing success rate is very important to the mold.

Sino is the only mold maker in China, who can make 24 cavities flip top cap mold with automatic closing system. Automatic production equipment is much more safer than human made. And it will help save cost in employee labors. Full automatic is international trend toward. If you want to improve your injection equipment, welcome contact me free. We are flip top cap mold China and looking for more and more partner all over the world.

Sales engineer: Candy


skype: anole-hc-02

Date:2017-07-02 15:54:39

In order to satisfy more and more orders quantity, Sino Package company set out a series water cap injection mold maker standard parts, which helped us quicker cap mold delivery time directly.

Water Cap Injection Mold Maker

Water cap injection mold is same to PET preform mold, they are belong to large output capacity package products. Most of the molds will have 5~10 times longer using life than normal mold. In addition, most of the caps are international standard, which included 28mm, 28PCO, 38mm, 38PCO, 48mm, 48PCO, etc.

Sino mold has our own cap mold standard process and parts:

Mold cavity and core steel: S136 (S420)

Mold base: P20

Slider and insert: DIN 1.2344

Hot runner brand: Anole hot runner

Mold guarantee life: 5 million

Delviery time: 65 days

8 hours trial production before delivery to make sure the mold action is smooth and fine the mold problem in our factory.

Process equipment:

Fidia high speed CNC machine made in Italy

Sodic EDM with high precision made in Japan

Mazack high performance lathe machine made in Japan

Sino not only offer water cap injection mold maker, but also offer customer high speed injection molding machine. Any inquiry welcome contact me freely.

Sales engineer: Candy Wang


whatsapp: 0086 15858685263

skype: anole-hc-02

Date:2017-06-30 22:05:18

Sino Packing Mould Co.Ltd is one of the best Chinese PET preform mold maker,can supply you high quality multi-cavities PET mould. Sino mould devote ourselves into PET preform molding research and development for more than ten years. Annually, Sino mould making more than 600 sets of various PET Preform injection Mould and cap or closure moulds.

multi-cavities PET mould

PET bottle molding solution preform bottle solution technology shows as below: you need:

1.recycled material is allowed to beused(this is only for using bottle. Not for water bottle or any other drinking bottles),but you can't use recycled material only .new resin material must be used with it

2.the size of the preform bottle and the caliber of the size is important. and also whether the preform bottle caliber has taper is also important.

3.specific injection machine is needed for PET preform bottle molding solution

4. valve gate hot runner system is needed for PET preform bottle molding solution. this is special hot runner system .itdoesn't use thermocouple to controller and test the temperature of each injection points. but used voltage, and also the controller box that used for PET preform bottle molding solution is also different than normal temperature controllerbox. On the other hand. This kind of PET bottle hot runner system is much cheaper than other valve gate hot runner systems.(some countries still use cold runner to inject PET preform bottles and then cut the runner).

5.different thickness and degree must controlled very well.

Written by Tina


Date:2017-06-30 22:03:56

Nowadays , cutlery such as plastic knife,spoon,forks are in great demand , so more and more investor are looking fornew project to produce the plastic cutlery production line to produce bigquantity of plastic cutlery ,so more and more plastic plant are looking for goodquality of spoon mould,fork mould,knife mould .etc.

Sino mould has rich experience inoffering the cutlery mould.tableware mould manufacture in China, such asspoon mould ,knife mould, fork mould. we can make 8-48cavity tableware mouldwith smoothness verge. Excellent quality with reasonable price

Product name: 32caivty plastic spoon mould

Mould cavity:32cavity

Mould size:6200*550*500mm

Suitable machine:200T Dakumar high speedinjection molding machine .

Mould material: H13 (DIN.1.2344)

Mould life:3 Million shots

Runner system:1 tip hot runner
Mould running: Full automaticity

Injection cycle time:15 seconds
Delivery time:35days

For plastic cutlerymould ,we use H13 or DIN.1.2344 and other good steel material according tochair design and production quantity requirement. With optimized cooling systemand well-designed mould structure, Meanwhile ,the spoon mould.fork mould,knifemould partline is very important to the customers. We Use high precision milling machine for the spoon mould parting line tooling, it could save quite alot time for the mould fitting and the spoon and fork parting line is morecomfortable.

We are professional cutlery mould supplier to make spoon mould,fork mould and knife mould ,long mould lifetime and high quality and cycle time. welcome to contact us for more details .


Date:2017-06-30 21:37:10

Sino Holdings Grouphave two branches company ,which is aimed at offer for plastic crate mouldmanufacturing and plastic injection molding machine manufacturing. we couldoffer fruit crate molding production line to help customer set up newcrate production plant.eight you have experience on plastic parts or withoutany experience on this plastic filed.

Sino Mould make various types plastic crate moulds,our range includes food container mould , fruit crate mould .vegetable cratemould ,bottle crate mould and so on.According to different raw material, as thecrate and container are used for transportation, most people are use HDPE toproduce the crate for mass production .With the development of injectionmolding technology, we make the crate mould and less weight.Meanwhile we aremaking make the crate injection machine for customer.too.

For plastic crate mould, we use P20, 718H, H13and other good steel material according to crate part design and mould designand production quantity requirement.we will consider perfect cooling system forthe crate mould .so every water cooling groupe our designer are design it withoptimized cooling system and well-designed mould structure, the chair moldingline could run high efficiency. Use high precision milling machine for the cratemould parting line tooling, it could save quite a lot time for the mouldfitting and the crate parting line is more comfortable.

We are professional crate production line supplier. welcome to contact us for more details .


Date:2017-06-30 21:00:50

Sino mould has rich experience in crate mould manufacturing. Sino can provide customers various kinds of plastic injection moulds, especially in 4 cavities crate mould making , we can according to the product design and mold design to produce it with high quality, and can also offer special injection molding machine, robot and necessary the auxiliary equipment to help our customers achieve excellence in production capacity, at the cost of investment.

Sino 4 cavities crate moulddesign have been updated many times, it is suitable for high speed injection moulding, Servo energy saving injection machine .

Specifications of  the 4 cavities crate mould :

Mould Name : 4 cavities crate mould

Product description:Fruits plastic crate

The crate size is 400*300*160mm,

Crate Mould cavity:4 cavities

Crate Mould Size:1520x1202x850mm

Suitable machine:1200TDakumar machine

Crate Mould main material:MOLDMAX Copper Beryllium+DIN 1.2311

Crate Mould life:5000K

Crate Mould Injection system:16 pointsANOLEhot nozzle with point gate.

Crate Mould Ejection system:Stripper plate

Crate Mould running:Full automaticity

Crate Mould Injection cycle time : 32 seconds

Delivery time : 90 days

moldmax in the moulding area, the injection speed can approach 32 seconds.

Crate Mould features:High classic very mature crate mould structure, The application of Copper Beryllium leads to best cooling effect, ANOLE hot runner‿professional filter system design, suitable for high speed recycled material injection production.

If you are looking for a professional mold manufacturer ,4 Cavities Crate Mould supplier ,please feel free to contact us, we won't let you down.

Posted by: Rose Wang


Skype: Sino mould-Rose

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