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Date:2017-06-19 11:29:20

In Chinaplas 2017 exhibition, Sino Holdings Group showed one of latest achievements – 4 cavities 750ml one-off box mold. What are the strong points of this thinwall container mold?  This rectanglecontainer has only 0.28mm wall thickness!

As we all know,main technical issue for thin wall container molds, less thickness makes its difficult to control uniform container wall thick. Especially for container wall is under 0.35mm, Sino R&D department devotes continuously to solve it. Through these years, we make container from 0.4mm, to 0.35mm, and now 0.28mm. However, it’s also required perfect processing technical and mold structure.

In this competitive global market, less thin wall thickness means getting large market. Like 750ml rectangle container, standard wall thickness is 0.45-0.5mm, and product weight is 17.8-18.2g. And Sino’s container thickness is 0.28mm with weight 10.8-11g. If you produce 1,000 pcs , your competitor will cost at least 17,800g PP resin, but you just use 11,000g for same quantity product. And  you save 6,800gram cost to reduce your end product unit price.

We support this molds with hybrid hi-speed molding machine DKM200HH with MOOG injection servovalve. And it’s running 3.5seconds per shot! Warmly welcome your contact with us for thin wall container molding line .

Posted by Miss Helen

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Date:2017-06-17 17:33:46

Dakumarmachinery Co., Ltd, one member of SINO HOLDINGS GROUP, which is specialized inR&D, manufacturer, sale and service of plastic injection molding machinewith 5H. We have Dakumar-250 Servo motor inejction molding machine from 50T to 4000T.

Servo injectionmolding machine advantages:

1. It adopt ofhydraulic unit and used to high pressure and high speed injection molding

2. High speedresponse accumulator as a auxiliary power, using high sensitivityelectro-hydraulic servo valve, high precision displacement sensor to realizeinjection speed and injection pressure closed loop control.

3. Hydraulicsystem quickly response, high sensitivity, low noise

4. Adopt ofelectro-hydraulic type design, fully rational utilization of energy, low energyconsumption and high efficiency.

At present, servoinjection molding machine can divide to full hydraulic high speed machine, fullelectric high speed machine and electro-hydraulic high speed machine. Dakumaris now on developing the electro-hydraulic high speed machine.

Ourmachinery is widely used in different fields like food packaging, automotiveparts, home appliance, medical parts, household items for customers fromEuropean, American, Asia, Middle East, Africa, etc.

Dakumar-250 Servo motor inejction molding machine

If you have demand in Dakumar250 Servomotor inejction molding machine, pls feel free to contact Miss Nancy.



Date:2017-06-16 14:35:05

Commodity mold , house hold mold, all the plastic items you see in your room or home are made ofplastic injection mold . You even cant imagine how many plastic parts can be made by injection machine , Its out of Imagination. Products can be basins, tub , buckets, toothbrush, chair, table, stool, fork ,knife, hanger,drawer etc.,made by Injection molding.

SINOMOULD is the most famous and extensively experienced in the field of providing complete production line regarding household or commodity items production . With two magnificent  branch company , SINO MOULD- having more than 20 year of experience in manufacturing Household mold and DAKUMAR Machinery - having more than 20 year of experience in the field of injection machine, has been able to erect big business empire in the world market.

We are truly specialized in providing quality and costeffective solution for whole Household items production line.Here are the list of Equipments with which anyone can setup their own factory.

1: Injection Machine

2: Injection mold

3: Auto Loader

4: Colour mixture

5:Air drier



8: Cooling tower with water pumps

We are dedicated to help our clients, to act as their technical adviser and to deliver individual solutions tailored to specific business need and challenging budgets. We are capable of meeting all small, medium and large scale requirement of organization, with professionals responsible for plant setup and necessary analysis.

SINO HOLDINGS GROUP is your best packaging partner for your glorious success.If you are in search of good injection molding company and want to setup new factory ,please contact us.

Date:2017-06-13 11:44:14

Sino Mould is a professional plastic container mould manufacturer, we supply high quality plastic storage container mould with injection molding solution. For the plastic container mould, we have experience for 10L container, 20L container, 40L container, 60L container, 80L container, 110L container mould and so on.

For the storage container mould, usually it consists of several moulds include container mould, cover mould, handle and wheel mould. We use P20, 718H steel material or other good steel material for the mould core and cavity. According to customer requirement, the injection gate could be cold runner direct cone and fully-hot runner system. With perfect cooling runner design, the mould could run stable and fast.

For the plastic container mould, if you need more information, please do not hesitate to send us enquiry. We could offer technical support.

Date:2017-06-10 16:23:39

Sino Holdings Groupattended Chinaplas 2017 to show our 32cavities PET test tube injection molding lineequipment, PET test tube injection machine and 32cavities test tube mould with highly Popularwith the audience.

Test Tube Injection Machine

PETtest tube is high precision and with high technically on injection molding, thethickness should be balance and surface by transparent clean, it is needcombine high precision test tube mould in precision tooling to controlling tolerancenot over than 0.05mm, also injection machine with high quality injection screw,precision controlling valve, especially for PET material, the screw and longsize should be by accurate calculation. Sino Holdings R&D PET test tubemould and injection machine many years, from 16cavities, 24cavites, and32cavities PET test tube we can supplying customer injection molding equipmentincluding mould and PET test tube injection machine.

Besides,The other key point of PET test tube injection is the injection molding method,PET is special material the temperature of mould or injection machine have bigeffecting for PET test tube, so our injection team also have good experience oninjection molding method, with high efficiency production condition. 32cavitiesPET test tube injection machine we choose DAKUMAR 300H high speedinjection molding machine, cycle time 10s, about 12000pcs test tube per hour.

Ifyou are looking for 32cavities PET test tube injection machine supplier ormould supplier, please do not hesitate to contact us, which is first cansupplying turnkey production line solution in China.

Post by:Vivian

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Date:2017-06-10 14:04:25

IML Bucket Turnkey Production Line

SINO Holdings Group offer customer IML bucket turnkey production line, which included:

1. Painting bucket molds:

 S136, DIN1.2344, DIN1.2738, 718H steel material

 Inserted with copper-Be

 The high and angle of bucket molds interlock system

 For high speed cycle time to 18 seconds for 20L bucket mold

2. Injection servo molding machine:

 High-performance servo dynamic control system

 High speed response


 High-control precision

3. IML label & robots

 Environmentally friendly, consist of 100% recycled material

 Resistant to mechanical, thermal and chemical effects.

 Lower production time

 Lower production cost.

in order to increase the output deeply, SINO developed 20L IML bucket turnkey production line with the following injection molding solution.

1. 20L IML bucket mold with BeCu

2. Injection molding machine: DKM-650SV

3. Production capacity: 144pcs/hr

4. Daily production: 3000-4000pcs (3shifts)

5. Yearly production: 1.2million pcs.

SINO offered turnkey project service included:

1. Strong capability with advance tooling equipment from Germany, Sweden, Japan, USA...

2. Excellent service for factory layout design service

3. Offering spot training service in SINO factory for machines operation and basic maintenance.

4. Depute engineer team to your factory for machines installation, help start the mass production for each mould onto their related machine.

5. 24 hours technical support by email, picture, video and if necessary we will send our engineer to your factory to offer spot technical support.

6. Rich experience with over 200 projects in different countries all over the world.

Any inquiry about IML bucket turnkey production line welcome to contact us freely.

Date:2017-06-01 17:43:28

With 26 years experience in toilet seat cover injection molding, Sino company researched a very good solution to make the mold with the best quality and competitive cost.

Toilet Seat Cover Injection Molding

Let’s sum up most of the customers’ requirement to the toilet seat cover project:

1. Good steel material: 718H.
Most of the Chinese mold maker will use P20 to make the mold core and cavity, as is known to all, P20 steel is not good enough to make toilet seat cover mold, because the steel quality couldn’t reach real mirror polish standard. It will affect the goods surface glossiness very much.

So except customer have special requirement to the mould steel material, Sino always suggest customer use 718H to make the mold core and cavity.

If customer want to reduce the mold cost, we will suggest 718H to make the cavity, P20 steel make the core parts. To make sure the surface polish affection.

2. Mold life: 500K.

718H steel hardness is better the P20. So it can assure 500K guarantee life at least.

P20 mold life is around 300K. But there are many supplier give false information about the mold life. Professional people will know that, P20 steel is very soft, it is not good for a longer life time.

3. Precision: toilet seat cover injection molding mold worst danger is the flash. Low process precision will cause the mold flash after thousands shots. Good precision must need good equipment to process. A mold with very cheap price, can you believe they will use good machine to make process? No profit, no business.

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Date:2017-05-31 23:37:15

Crate, a daily used plastic transported container are in big demand quantity in our daily life ,in factories and farm are often used for transportation .which are applied in vegetables and fruits .nowadays ,the crate and plastic container are more and more popular,so there are big quantity request of crates .and more and more investor are focus on new project .develop crate production line to make more and more crate for market request.

Then how to make a high quality crate mould molding ,running many years without bigproblem . this is very important for plastic field plant.

First of all , the crate mould injection system should be designed easy and perfect coolingsystem . meanwhile , fast flow for crate mould .

2ndly ,Refer the crate molding ,the demolding is very key points for crate mould.we need to make good and suitabledraft angle for ejection . so it will demould easily from the machine .

3rdly.Select good qualtiy and suitable steel material prettt important for  the key point to make high quality of crate mould . for example .we use Din1.2738 to make the crate mould ,the hardness we will make it with HRC32-36 , the mold life of the crate mould can be about 1 millonshots . usually , the crate mould can running more than 5 years .,if choose P20 and 718H steel material . the mould life will be 500K at least .

Please feel free to send your new project to us ,we will offer you fine solution for your new crate molds and crate molding machine projects .

Postedby Selinda



Date:2017-05-31 23:32:42

Sino Mould are specialized in making all kindsof paint bucket ,ranges from 1liter to 25 liters .the shape can be round andsquare paint bucket mould . we can make it single cavity and two cavity bucketmould.Dakumar are another branch company of SINO HOLDINGS GORUP,we are aimed atoffering the bucket molding machine ,offering the whole turnkey paint bucket production lineto all clients worldwide .

SINO owns rich experienced mould designer technical engineer . who are capable of making the paint bucket with one cavityand two cavities including the injection system ,perfect cooling system andrecommend our suitable tonnage of injection molding machine to our customers .

There are many mould features of the bucket mould we made .

  1. Before we making the paint bucket mould ,weusually make part and mould analysis .

To analyze the material and the bucket structure is good or not ,if not good ,we will make improvement .

  1. We apply the advanced hot runner system,Anolehot runner system ,with German heating elements .

  2. Perfect cooling system of bucket design ,canensure the bucket fast cycle time .

  3. Good quality and suitable Mould steel ,themould steel are hardened and heatment .can guarantee bucket mould lifetime morethan 500K by use 718H .

We aimed at making top quality bucket molding line for customers from different market. We have make 1L bucket mould ,2L bucket mould,5L bucketmould,10L bucket mould,15L bucket mould,20Lbucket mould,Sino is a professional bucket mould maker in Huangyan ,China . if you have any new project on paint bucket mould .welcome to contact me .

Posted by Selinda




Date:2017-05-31 22:11:37

Chinese famous mold manufacturer SINO isprofessional in making unscrewing flip top cap molds with more than 20 yearexperience. Compare to stripper flip top cap mold, unscrewing cap mold ensurethe cap has good mounting on bottle.

Unscrewing flip top closure mold features:

1. In order to achieve the unscrewing system, wehave product designers to check clients flip top cap, such as, cap screw needstart from the flat surface. Besides, we will check whether the flip top capand mounted bottle has interference or not.

2. We adopt hydraulic motor or hydraulic cylindersystem for unscrewing system. Our designers will make mold design based on fliptop cap mold cavity and its structure to make sure unscrewing system can runsmoothly.

3. For mold core and cavity steel, we adoptimported Assab S136 with HRC 42-44, mold guaranteed life will be over 5M shots.

4. Hot runner is designed advanced andreasonably. Each cavity heat controlled independently, temperature uniform.

5. Each cavity and core have independent coolingsystem, shorten production period.

6. Each cavity is self-locked, can be changed conveniently.

Any question regarding to unscrewing flip top closure molds, please feel free to contact me.

Unscrewing Flip Top Cap Mold for Shampoo Bottles

Post by Miss Mandy


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Date:2017-05-31 17:34:38

Diamond cup, one of the popular cup projectin the world plastic injection molding trade, like an artwork, it have becomeshining appearance showing in front of everyone.

In 2016 Chinaplas, Sino Holdings Groupshowed a diamond cup production line for clients all over the world, with ourhigh speed injection molding machine and high speed robot for picking upproducts from the mold. Now let me introduce about that:

1.diamond cup mold

Our diamond cup mold is four cavity with S136steel material. High requirement of parting line and surface dealing is requiredduring the production. Now avoid the steel cracking problem, we also reduce thesteel hardness to 40-44 HRC.

2.200HH high speed injectionmolding machine

In exhibition, we use 200HH high speedinjection molding machine for high speed production. The cycle time could reach3-5 second, achieve our high speed injection for plastic cup molding.

3.Side CNC robot(side enter robot)

With side CNC robot, we could help clientsto achieve all plastic injection molding line automatically. No labor cost inthe production, which will be more efficiency and safety in daily production.

We also offer some auxiliary engine, suchas autoloader, chiller, air compressor, belt conveyor and so on.

diamond cup mold

If there is any interest, welcome tocontact me.


Date:2017-05-31 14:30:29

SINO MOULD Co., Ltd is the world famous Foldable Pallet Box manufacturers in the Southeast of China, from1992 small workshop till today, SINO MOULD.

SHG is a leading foldable agriculturalcrates& pallet box manufacturer company in china, focusing on the suppliersof folding pallet box, crates containers, collapsible crates & boxes etc.

SHG is a leading foldable agriculturalcrates& pallet box manufacturer company in china, focusing on the suppliersof folding pallet box, crates containers, collapsible crates & boxes etc.

There is a great demand for Pallet box in themarket today. These are boxes which can be folded material like heavymachinery, higher and medical imaging devices. X-ray machines, food items,medical and any other things can be safety and securely delivered to anylocation without the issue of the item breaking or getting a problem due totransport visit our site.

Simple package, security economical for all thecustomers, we have more than 17 versions of foldable crates, from 400*300*150mmto 800*600*450mm. we can also design the size or pattern as per for your ideasand drawing and colorful.

Every process is under strict control, fineworkmanship and skilled craft. Lots of

Advanced equipment make every process perfectand functional.

Foldable crates use high-glass injectionmolding to manufacture the mold, this will make high quality are reasonableprice, smooth surface, strength construct, colorful crates, simple design, easyto take and carry. The last, not the least, this crate is collapsible, whichallows easy storage.

Also, plastic foldable storage crate arestackable, which give you the freedom to make the best of available space. Wemake it suitable for enterprise & shipping transportation, after folding,crate capacity is 1/5 of unfolding crate, this will benefit for our customers.

If you have any demand for Foldable Pallet Box, pls feel free to contact Miss Nancy.


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