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Molds Testing Video

Pls watch many videos of our moulds' testing!

20L IML painting bucket production line

Dakumar machinery is specially high speed producing all types of painting bucket IML molding line, such as 20L painting bucket,10L pail IML molding, high speed thinwall IML line and so on.

650t PET Preform Machine

We offer PET preform molding machine at high speed and strong injection molding machines.

Trash Can1080t Servo Injection Machine

Trash bin molding machine in servo system can save 65% of the machine injection process energy and reduce the unit production cost of the trash can and dust bin molding cost.

72 cavities PET production line

PET preform mould in Dakumar PET injection molding machine. Sino makes all size of PET preform mould with 72cavities, 96cavities with hot runner valve gate.

Plastic table top injection machine

Sino mould makes all size of plastic table production line and chair molding line.

Garbage bin Lid Injection Mold, Injection Machine, Plastic Injection Molding Line

Sino makes all size of plastic injection molding line for industrial garbage bin and lid injection molding factory. We offer servo injection molding machine which is every saving and productive for plastic bins moulds, 120L wheelie bin and lid, 240L plastic garbage bin and dust container mould, automatic industrial container and crate production line. Sino supply molds, molding machines and robot system for plastic molding automation.

Mop Bucket Injection Molding Line

Plastic mop bucket production line including plastic mop mold, plastic mop basket mold, plastic mop injection machine, pick up robot system and so on.

Automatic IML ice cream container production line

Sino offer different size of plastic container and box production line with automatic IML molding solution.

Dakumar Industry Bucket IML Production Molding Line

Plastic industry bucket made of IML molding, plastic molding machine for in mold labeling paint bucket is Sino advantage project.

1350t Chair Automatic Production Molding Line

Sino holdings offer clients to produce plastic chairs, plastic table production equipment.

Euro pallet mould and pallet molding machine

Sino Holdings group is one of the well-known injection mold and injection machine company in China. We can offer you all set of plastic pallet production line, pallet mold and different kinds of injection machine