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Date:2017-04-20 11:26:46

Tray Mould Maker

As top quality plastic tray moulds maker, Sino Mould would be your best choice when you are looking for plastic injection display dish moulds in China. We have made tray with different size, weight, shape,…

Show you two tray samples that we made in recently for your reference.

Oval tray information:Tray sample

Cavity number: 1cavity

Product size: 315*430mm

Product weight: 258.2g


Mould size: 650*550*480mm

Mould weight: 1152kg

Steel:718H or H13 (Different steel has different mould guarantee time, like 718H,500K; H13, 1M.)

Runner and injection way: 1tip hot runner; stripper

Cycle time: 28s

Machine tonnage: DKM 350T

Tray information:

Cavity number: 1cavity

Product size: 500*250mm

Product weight: 146g


Mould size: 660*600*450mm

Mould weight: 1088kg

Steel:718H or H13

Runner and injection way: 1tip hot runner; stripper

Cycle time: 25s

Machine tonnage: DKM 350T

Tray mould features: Simple structure mould, fine cooling system, Oil and water integrator is more convenient for application and operation, high speed lathe machine to tool the appearance of products, injection machine for testing tray mould in our workshop

If you need to make tray moulds with reasonable price, welcome to contact me. We will offer you a fine solution.

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