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Date:2017-09-14 17:18:56

Plastic Pipe Fitting Molds Supplier China

Are you searching for a plastic fitting molds supplier in china? Have you heard SINO MOULD before? We SINO is a professional plastic fitting molds supplier, Annually, Sino team can produce more than 300 sets different plastic pipe fitting molds such as coupler (socket), tee, cross, 45°/90°elbow, reducer coupler, union, male/female adapter, end cap, single cap and so on. I think that so various kinds, one must will satisfy you.

For high quality plastic pipe fitting molds, we would offer and support you with below key points:

1. How to choose injection gate of pipe fitting mold?

In usual case, we use edge gate, submarine gate and direct gate. For almost of pipe fitting molds, we recommend edge gate which make cycle time shorter. In addition, for small diameter of pipe fitting molds, we will make it by submarine gate with beautiful surface appearance, but it is not suitable for big pipe fitting molds. For more than diameter 110mm of pipe fitting molds, we made direct gate which is a big gate with better material flow,it can be better filling.

Plastic Pipe Fitting

2. How to choose steel for pipe fitting molds?

According to material character, we have two choices to our customer for reference.

About PVC pipe fitting molds, we usually advise our customer to use 2316 stainless mold steel, HRC42-45. Because the PVC material is sensitive, the suitable heating temperature is 150+/-10 degree, and otherwise, the material will be broked up and relief corrosive gasses(Cl2).

About PP/PPR pipe fitting molds, we usually advise our customers to use 718H made in China, HRC 32-35.

Regarding the mold base, we usually advise our customer to choose P20 with nickering platen which will rust-proof.

Plastic Pipe Fitting

3. If possible to make pipe fitting mold with insert changeable?

We are capable of making pipe fitting mold with thread insert and size specification insert and bell and spigot insert with different shape versions.We can also make collapsible core system, curving sliding system, unscrewing system driven by motor, multi-direction branch fitting connector moulds.

If you are just looking for plastic pipe fitting molds supplier to meet the market, pls come to us for further information and we can offer you tailor-made solution.

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