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Date:2017-08-29 11:28:47

Plastic Chair Mould Manufacturer

Plastic chairs have been an essential household product in thecurrent life. How to make a good and high quality plastic chair mould ? Welcometo Sino ,we are professional plastic mould maufacturer. Especially in plastic chairmould making , we have made various kinds of chair, like rattan chair , handlechair, beach chair , air assisted chair , PC chair etc.

Plastic Chair Mould Manufacturer

 Howto make a plastic chair mould ?

1.Mould steel are usually used P20 or 718

2.Gate: 90% are used edge gate

3.Ejector way: pin ejector, automatic ejector with robot

 4. Surfacetreatment: polishing, leather, leather area

 5. Surfaceinspection:

Bhave: not pull line.

Flying edge: the foot of the chair, theseam seam, because of bad exhaust, easy to appear flying side.

Superpositio: More than 10 chairs - do nottilt the superposition of two superimposed chair foot distance should notexceed 60mm, and after the superposition of easy separation

(superimposed reinforcement generallylocated under the seat):lighting brightness.

Strength: white hat (because the lightingis not good).

 Forthe plastic chair injection machine , according to our experienced, it’ssuggested to use DKM650T machine , it’s depends on the chair product weight .Theweight smaller than 2500g, we suggest to use 650 tonnage machine , if biggerone , can try 780 tonnage machine, and some special chair , need more than 1000tonnage machine with lengthened nozzle.

 Ifyou are looking for a good plastic chair mould maufacturer , please kindly contact us,we will give you the best solution .



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