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Date:2018-05-28 19:06:26

Medical Syringe Turkey Production Line

medical syringe production line

Medical disposable syringe is widelyused as hypodermic syringe, sometimes it is also used without needle for orallyadministering liquid medicines to young children, or milk to small younganimals. Then how to a plant for medical syringe turkeyproduction line?

To start a new medicalsyringe production line, which has a good plan for workshop layout, because, tomake a syringe product which need many necessary equipments, so its tooimportant to choose a very professional medical team to supply you technicalservices manufacturer for medical syringe turkeyproduction line, medical injection machine choose, all related equipments supply,plant layout design, and the most important is strict requirement of clean roomsystem. Here in Sino Holdings Group will help you to get the real Turnkeymedical molding service.

We can offer complete syringeturnkey production line, including automatic medical injection molding part,its is from our branch company Dakumar machinery which can meet all plasticmoulds needed, Dakumar machine model from DKM50 ton to DKM4000ton. And then youneed printing automation, assembly automation, packaging and sterilizingautomation system. According to your detail condition, we’ll provide you thebest medical Turnkey solution with all needed machinery equipments, factoryestablishing budget, and also professional after-sales installation andtraining.

You can send us sample, or tell your request dimension, gramweight of medical part that you plan to manufacture, also output capacityrequested per hour, for normal usage medical parts, such as disposablesyringes, pictures only will be enough. Then we can work out and will offer youbudget price of all related equipment with detail specifications. For example,we offer 64cavities syringe barrel and plunger mould to reach 100millionsyringes.

Welcome your inquiry and SINO HOLDINGS GROUP are ready to offer you our best solution for making top quality medical syringe turnkey production line service.  

Post by Ms. Rachel

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